WebMail (OWA)

What’s Changed?

You may have used Outlook Web App (WebMail) to access your mailbox in the past, or this may be the first time you’ve seen Outlook Web App (OWA).  OWA has been updated with a new look, but it still has the features and functionality that you rely on plus several new features. This page will introduce you to OWA.

Please note OWA is not supported with IE8. Only the Lite version of OWA is available with IE8

OWA Lite version


Login and logout

  • The login URL for OWA 365 is still the same: http://mail.ahss.org
  • The auto logout time is set for 30 minutes of inactivity

Navigation, Notifications and Settings

The Navigation pane has moved from the left side of the window to the upper right corner.


The list of applications available to you can be found by selecting the My App icon.


Hover your mouse over the available applications and click on the ellipse to be able to pin it to the navigation bar (see above).



Spell Checking: OWA 365 does not have a built-in spell check function. It relies on your Web browser to check for you.
Recover deleted items: To recover deleted items in OWA 365, right click on the Deleted Items folder under your Mailbox and select recover deleted items


Office 365 OWA Calendar function is very similar to the previous version. Changes include:

  • When you view an additional calendar, it will be layered over the main calendar. This makes it easier to see where schedules overlap.



   OWA Cal2

Clicking on an individual event in a calendar will display a quick preview of event details including: title, location, name of organizer, number of attendees invited and any notes that were added to the event.



Office 365’s OWA People function is very similar to Contacts in the previous version. Changes to note include:

OWA People2

  • The default view of contact is by Last Name. You can also choose to sort by first name, company, home city, or work city.
  • Folders. The folder list includes the folders in your mailbox and favorites. Expand and collapse by clicking the triangle icons next to the folder name.
  • Access to the AHS global address list is now included as a menu item – Directory on the left