Sharing Large Files


There has been several changes in email limitations with the transition to Office 365. One of the more notable changes is the 25MB attachment limit which use to be 100MB. Unfortunately, the new limit is something that we have no control over. To ensure we continue to provide the same level of expected service, an alternative solution has been made available to continue the functionality of large file sharing. In this document, we will demonstrate how to use One Drive for Business to share files larger than 25MB to users.

About OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is a Cloud Storage solution that is available for you to store, organize and manage all of your work documents, share and collaborate your work documents with other users and provides the ability to synchronize your content to your work computer for easy access. OneDrive is currently available if you are licensed as a Knowledge Worker and currently provides 1TB of storage per a user with a 2GB file upload limit.

Accessing OneDrive

To access OneDrive for Business, browse to > enter your Username and Password > Click SUBMIT

Once logged in, click on OneDrive in the top right menu bar:


Uploading Files to OneDrive

Once you are in OneDrive, you have multiple options available: new, upload, sync, edit, manage and share. To upload your document larger than 25MB, click upload > Browse your computer for the file > Select it then click Open. You will see your uploaded file in the main area:


Sharing Files with OneDrive

First you will need to select the file you would like to share. To do this, click your mouse to the left of the document icon to put a checkmark next to it:


Click on share > Enter the users you would like to share the document with in the name, email or everyone section

For internal users: Search for users as you would with email using lastname, firstname format
For external users: Enter the user email address

Select the dropdown to the right to the allow the user View or Edit permissions > Enter an optional message > Click Share > The user will receive an email with a link to access the file.