Outlook – Shared Calendars

There are a number of ways in Office 365 to share or create a team calendar. The most common way to collaborate with your team using a shared calendar is using an Outlook shared calendar. Check out the information below on the different types of Outlook calendars, how to request calendars and lastly how to manage calendars.

Create your own Outlook shared calendar:

Creating your own shared calendar inside of Outlook is one of the easiest methods of quickly getting your team on the same page. While this is one of the fastest methods, it is also the least permanent. If a shared calendar is created in Outlook, it can just as easily be deleted and unrecoverable. If the information on your calendar will be sensitive in nature, or if you need to ensure the calendar is around long term, consider one of the alternative methods below.

  • Begin by opening Outlook and navigating to the Calendar pane in the lower left corner.
  • From the Outlook ribbon, select the “Open Calendar” drop down menu. From this menu, select “Create New Blank Calendar”


  • Next, name your calendar. Keep in mind this name will not appear in the global address book.
  • Once you have chosen your name, click on Calendar to place your shared calendar in the correct location.


  • Your new calendar will now appear in Outlook under your personal calendar.

Sharing your newly created calendar:

  • With your newly created calendar highlighted/open in Outlook, navigate to the ribbon and select “Share Calendar”.


  • A message will open where you can enter a coworkers name to send them access to your new shared calendar.

Request an Outlook shared calendar:

While it may take time to process this request, submitting a ticket requesting a shared calendar can be a better option for those needing a calendar that isn’t reliant on one person. For example, a shared calendar created by the AIT ECS team can be configured so that access is managed by AIT rather than a single person. Calendars created by AIT ECS cannot be inadvertently deleted and will not be lost when/if the calendar creator leaves the organization.

  • Navigate to the AIT ServicePortal.
  • Select “I Need Something”, General Requests > General Request Item.
  • Enter the standard required information in your ticket, under Request Type search for “Microsoft Office Outlook”
  • In description, enter the proposed name of your calendar and the OPIDs of those that should have access to your calendar.

Opening a new shared calendar:

  • Once you have received confirmation that your new calendar is ready, follow the steps below.
  • Begin by opening Outlook and navigating to the Calendar pane in the lower left corner.
  • From the Outlook ribbon, select the “Open Calendar” drop down menu. Next select “Open Shared Calendar.”


  • The calendar will now appear in the left navigation rail of Outlook’s calendar pane.

Create an Office 365 Group:

Office Groups isn’t just a shared calendar. It allows you to find and share information using conversations, share and collaborate on team files, add and assign team tasks using Planner, and add new members to your group so they can get caught up with the team.