Creating an Office 365 Group

  • Begin by launching Outlook 2016.
  • In the ribbon on the Home tab, locate the Groups section on the right side. Select New Group.


  • In the Create Group dialogue box, enter the required information.


  • Naming your group:
    • Choosing a name is a very important part of creating your group. Your group will appear in the global address list automatically so choose wisely. We advise your group name be formatted as follows: “SITE Team Name”.
    • Including the “site” or facility of your group is vital, it will reduce confusion with others trying to locate their group and make yours easy to find for those that need it. As an example, instead of creating a group called “Emergency Department” consider “FH Winter Park ED”.
    • Also be aware that the name you choose for your group will tie into the email address and SharePoint site that is created.
  • Group privacy:
    • Public Groups are excellent resources for teams that would like to share information with a very wide audience. Keep in mind, anyone can subscribe to groups of this type and monitor them for updates/participate.
    • Private Groups are ideal for teams to collaborate among themselves only. If you want to keep your documents and conversations restricted to only those on your team, this is an ideal setting.
  • Subscribe new members:
    • This setting automatically subscribes all those you make a member of your group to updates right in your mailbox. If someone sends a message within your group, this setting ensures that an update regarding this message will appear in your main mailbox so that you never miss an update.
    • After you have named your Group and configured its basic settings, you will be asked to add members. If you’re not ready to add additional members you can click Cancel for now and add them later.


  • To add a member, search by first or last name.
  • Add an optional description so people searching for your Group have an understand of what it’s for and who it belongs to.
  • Click OK when complete and begin interacting with your newly created resources.