What are Office 365 Groups?

Office 365 Groups is a collection of all your teams most frequently used tools, now in a single easy to access location. Office 365 Group allows you to share and collaborate on team files, find and share information using conversations, share milestones and schedules on the team calendar, add and assign team tasks using Planner, and add new members to your group so they can get caught up with the team.

Teams no longer have to check separate shared mailboxes, calendars and shared drives for updates on projects. Groups puts the power in your hands by enabling teams to add and remove members in real time, easily store files in a central location and do it all right from Outlook.

The great news is that you can create a Group from Outlook Desktop (2016) or Outlook on the Web and jump start your team with collaborating in one space. The system create all of the shared Group objects automatically!

What do you get when you create a Group?

  • Shared Mailbox (For sending and receiving messages from a resource the whole team can use.)
  • Shared Calendar (For tracking events, project milestones or team PDO.)
  • Shared OneDrive (For storing files the whole team needs to interact with. Replaces the need for network shared drives.)
  • Shared OneNote Notebook (For taking meeting notes, documentation and other information your team may need recorded.)
  • Shared Modern SharePoint OnlineTeam Site (For storing information and content you may want to share with those outside of your team.)
  • Shared Plan (For organizing goals and assigning tasks to members of your team, think Project but lighter.)

Office Group Lifecycle

Office Groups expire one (1) year from the date the group is created. Email notifications to Owners are sent prior to the expiration date providing the option to renew the group.  Office Groups are renewed for 1-year. If the Office Group is not renewed prior to the expiration date, it is deleted along with its associated group content.  The timeline below shows the lifecycle of an Office Group:


Check out the resources below for Usage Guidelines and Microsoft training videos: