OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is a personal library intended for storing and organizing your work documents. Documents stored in OneDrive can be accessed from multiple locations throughout the Office 365 website and on your computer. Create links to share Read Only versions of your files with coworkers and outside business partners or give coworkers Edit access to allow team collaboration. Multiple people can work inside of a file at the same time and changes made will update for everyone in real time.

Tune in to the AHS-Office 365 channel in Office Video to Explore OneDrive for Business.

Check out the documents below for help getting started, configuration and general tips on OneDrive for Business:

Terminated Employee OneDrive Recovery

Unlike local or network storage, when an employee is separated from AHS, their data is subject to an automated process that will eventually delete their OneDrive completely. OneDrive files are only available for 30 days after an employee is terminated by HR. For details on this process and how access to a terminated employee OneDrive can be requested, please click here.

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