Distribution Group Management



In the past you have been able to manage your Distribution Groups from within Outlook, Webmail and the Exchange Control Panel.  As your mailbox moves to Exchange Online you will no longer be able to modify the membership of your Distribution Groups the same way.  A new web interface has been designed for you to be able to manage the membership of the Distribution Groups you are an Owner for.  You will also be able to manage who (or what groups) can send messages to the distribution group and who can also administer the group.

To open the Manage Distribution List site go to:  https://dlm.ahss.org

Adding a Member to the Distribution Group

When you open the site you will be able to see the Distribution Groups that you have ownership of.  Select the one you want to manage by opening up the dropdown list in the upper left of the page.

When you select a distribution group to manage it will display all of the members of the group.  You can then choose to modify the Members of the distribution group, the allowed Senders of the distribution group (those that are allowed to send to it), and the Admins of the distribution group (those that are allowed to modify this distribution group).



To add a member, choose to modify Members from the dropdown mentioned above and click Add Members at the top of the page and a search page will be displayed.  Enter the name you want to search for (LastName, FirstName) and then click the search icon to display the results.  Click the check box next to the name and click Add Checked. Once you have added all of the members that you need to add click on Finished Adding to return to the list to verify what has been added.

Note: It could take up to 45 minutes for your changes to sync throughout the enterprise.


Deleting A member from the Distribution Group

To remove an entry from the Distribution Group, open the distribution group, select the members you want to remove and then click Remove Checked.


Note: It could take up to 45 minutes for your changes to sync throughout the enterprise.

Managing Senders of a Distribution Group

Using the same principles shown above you can add individuals or groups to the list of those that can send to your distribution group.  If you leave the list blank EVERYONE can send to it.